Capt Santa Claus is 

"Everyone's Favorite Pilot"

As a Veteran owned, veteran operated business, Capt Santa Claus Aviation Gifts donates proceeds from each sale to:

  • Disabled American Veterans www.dav.org 
  • American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association www.ahiha.org
  • Capt Santa Claus flies all over the world bringing joy to children of all ages.  He helps you share your love of aviation and holiday joy with others. If you have someone in your life, a family member, friend, coworker or neighbor who is an aviation enthusiast, our gifts will make them smile.  

Show everyone your love of Christmas, the holiday season and Aviation with a CSC necktie, designer female scarf, children's T-shirt, baby onesie, mini-windsock, a Christmas tree ornament or our Flying Grandma, Flying Grandpa, Flying Mom, Flying Dad & Flying Kid T-shirts.  We also have stylus pens and string bags.